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In a separate statement released by the White House

In a separate statement released by the White House, Trump said he had "instructed" Ross to "consider" kicking off the probe. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced he initiated a so-called Section 232 investigation on auto trade, which would provide the legal basis to impose tariffs if his department finds imports threaten US national security.Earlier Thursday, Trump had blamed the US neighbours to the north and south for being "difficult" in talks to renegotiate the pact.""After many decades of losing your jobs to other countries, you have waited long enough!"In another missive referring to trade talks with China, he said that, while the discussions were proceeding nicely, "in the end we will probably have to use a different structure.5 per cent on cars from the EU. (Photo: AFP) Washington:

The US Commerce Department said Wednesday it launched an inquiry that could allow the Trump administration to impose tariffs on auto imports over national security concerns.A similar move in the auto industry would open yet another front in the Republican president&famous Aluminum multi ladder39;s confrontational rows over trade that have drawn global outcry from allies and partners.But Washington imposes 25 per cent tariffs on European pick-ups and trucks -- which the EU taxes at a much lower 14 per cent on average.The latest announcement # comes as negotiations with Canada and Mexico over revamping the continent-wide North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) have stalled over auto demands.US cars sold in the EU are hit with 10 per cent duties, while the US imposes just 2.Trump appeared to tease Wednesday's announcement with earlier tweets, saying: "There will be big news coming soon for our great American autoworkers."There is evidence suggesting that, for decades, imports from abroad have eroded our domestic auto industry," Ross said.In its statement announcing the inquiry, the Commerce Department cited figures showing that US employment in automobile manufacturing had dropped by 22 percent from 1990 to 2017.He has specifically targeted Germany, and argued that American cars are slapped with higher tariffs than those imposed on European autos.Trump has frequently lambasted China's high import duties on foreign cars.

The move would open yet another front in the president's confrontational rows over trade that have drawn global outcry."Trump -- whose protectionist platform helped launch him to the White House -- has repeatedly floated the notion of steep tariffs that would shield the US auto industry.The Journal, citing sources in the auto industry, said US moves to retaliate likely would face significant opposition from trading partners and auto dealers that sell imports.

The Trump administration had used the same justification to slap steep tariffs on steel and aluminum, raising the specter of a trade war."Passenger cars make up around 30 per cent of Japan's total exports to the United States and Tokyo has already threatened Washington with retaliation at the World Trade Organization for the steel tariffs.During recent negotiations, President Xi Jinping offered to cut the rate to 15 percent from 25 percent.Japan was quick to lash out, with its trade minister Hiroshige Seko saying on Thursday that such a move would "plunge the world xafs into confusion" and be "extremely regrettable.

The Department of Commerce will conduct a thorough, fair, and transparent investigation into whether such imports are weakening our internal economy and may impair the national security."Core industries such as automobiles and automotive parts are critical to our strength as a nation," Trump's statement said.Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced he initiated a so-called Section 232 investigation on auto trade -- which would provide the legal basis to impose tariffs, if his department finds imports threaten US national security -- after speaking with Donald Trump on the matter.'Great American autoworkers'The Wall Street Journal reported earlier Wednesday that Trump was asking for vehicle import tariffs as high as 25 per cent

Their relationship formed a few years ago

The launch will take place on an air strip next to a dilapidated hangar. He&China Order made Aluminum ladder suppliers39;s not a fan. "Anything can be done. Stakes receives plenty of these sorts of requests, but this one stood out because Hughes was building it himself. He knows this thought is a conundrum, given that he's about to launch himself into the atmosphere. He jumped on a private property in Winkelman, Arizona, on Jan.His future plans include an excursion into space.

The countdown to launch creeps closer and there's still plenty for self-taught rocket scientist Mad Mike Hughes to do: Last-second modifications to his vessel.No joke. That's why he's scrounged for parts, finding the aluminum for his rocket in metal shops and constructing the rocket nozzle out of an aircraft air filter. The fictional town of Radiator Springs in the Disney movie "Cars" was loosely based on Amboy. They're discouraging fans — safety issues — but it will be televised on his YouTube channel . He plans to go about a mile — reaching an altitude of about 1,800 feet — before pulling two parachutes. PT.

On the morning of the launch, Hughes will heat 70 gallons of water in a stainless steel tank and then blast off between 2 and 3 p.The location of the jump will be Amboy, a ghost town located in the Mojave Desert and along historic Route 66. This rocket will take Hughes about 68 miles up. He will travel about a mile at a speed of roughly 500 mph.Just don't mention Knievel around Hughes. Doesn't bother him. He will be tinkering with his rocket right up to takeoff. He said he's been in contact with the Federal Aviation Administration and the Bureau of Land Management. There's no difference between science and science fiction.That distance, though, would've been enough to clear the Snake River Canyon, which is a jump daredevil Evel Knievel made famous when he failed to clear it during his attempt in 1974."A guy who builds his own rocket in his garage, about to jump a mile is pretty cool," Hughes said."Nothing is out of reach," Stakes said.".

If you're not scared to death, you're an idiot," Hughes said . I like to do extraordinary things that no one else can do, and no one in the history of mankind has designed, built and launched himself in his own rocket. "He stole his look from Elvis. He believes what he believes, including that the earth is flat. You just have to put enough money, time and thought into it. But that's not science, that's just a formula. Leave out enough food for his four cats — just in case anything happens. "He is a true daredevil and I want to be part of it.Down the road, he's intending to build a rocket that takes him to space, so he can snap a picture and see with his own eyes."I don't believe in science," said Hughes, whose main sponsor for the rocket is Research Flat Earth. "It's scary as hell, but none of us are getting out of this world alive."The daredevil/limo driver has been called a little bit of everything over his career — eccentric, quirky, foolhardy."This will actually be the second time he's constructed and launched a rocket."I'm a walking reality show."He was an average stunt guy," said Hughes, a former motorcycle racer."Here's the thing: Hughes doesn't make all that much money — $15 per hour as a limo driver, plus tips.

He and Stakes have already brain-stormed on a "Rockoon," which is a rocket that, rather than being immediately ignited while on the ground, is carried into the atmosphere by a gas-filled balloon, then separated from the balloon and lit."I want to inspire others — and you have to do something incredible to get anybody's attention," he said.Hughes got permission from the town's owner, Albert Okura, who purchased the rights to Amboy in 2005 for $435,000.Hughes is a 61-year-old limo driver who's spent the last few years building a steam-powered rocket out of salvage parts in his garage.Following his jump, he said he's going to announce his plans to leap into the race for governor of California."Hughes constructed his latest rocket at the "Rocket Ranch" in Apple Valley, California.First things first — this jump over a ghost town. He gave it a good varnish of cheap paint, and his launch pad is attached to a motor home he bought for $1,500.

Their relationship formed a few years ago when Hughes approached Stakes about building a rocket. Pick up his flight suit. "I know about aerodynamics and fluid dynamics and how things move through the area, about the certain size of rocket nozzles, and thrust. It's a five-acre property he leases from Waldo Stakes , the CEO of Land Speed Research Vehicles who's currently working on a project to make a car travel 2,000 mph.First things first — this jump over a ghost town. Hughes is a 61-year-old limo driver who's spent the last few years building a steam-powered rocket out of salvage parts in his garage. Stuntman Eddie Braun did successfully rocketed over the canyon — using Knievel's original blueprints — in September 2016.

It's the most interesting human-interest story in the world. He collapsed after that landing — the G-forces taking a toll — and needed three days to recover. His project has cost him a total of $20,000, which includes Rust-Oleum paint to fancy it up and a motor home he bought on Craig's List that he converted into a ramp.His first test of the rocket will also be the launch date — Saturday , when he straps into his homemade contraption and # attempts to hurtle over the ghost town of Amboy, California. 30, 2014 , and traveled 1,374 feet.m. He will be tinkering with his rocket right up to takeoff."It is absolutely the most wacky promotional proposal I have had since I purchased the entire town in 2005," said Okura, who's also the founder of the Juan Pollo restaurant chain

He also said he would begin renegotiating a free trade deal with South Korea

US President Donald Trump (Photo: AP) Washington: President Donald Trump will spend his 100th day in office talking tough on trade in one of the states that delivered his unlikely win.The executive orders signed Saturday will mark Trump&famous Order made Aluminum ladder suppliers39;s 31st and 32nd since taking office __ the most of any president in his first 100 days since World War II.Ross said the WTO, the Geneva-based arbiter of world trade rules, is bureaucratic and outdated and needs an overhaul.Trump has pushed a model of "reciprocal trade" agreements in which the US would raise or lower tariffs on a country's imports depending on how that country treats the US.

And the president heard that message. Ross downplayed the possibility that the United States would consider leaving the organization but didn't rule it out.Earlier this week, Trump announced his intention to work to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement. "As any multilateral organization, there's always the potential for modifying the rules," he said.It's a return to fundamentals for a president who has, in recent days, sounded wistful reflecting on his term so far.

They're fed up with some of the destructive practices," he said.Washington naively assumed China was "merely a more exotic version of Canada," Lighthizer once testified, and would learn to live within WTO rules and open its xafs to American exports; instead, China has limited foreign competition, manipulated its currency and subsidized its exporters.He ordered the Commerce Department to study the causes of the United States' massive trade deficit in goods - $734 billion last year, $347 billion with China alone.The administration argues that unfair competition with China and other trade partners has wiped out millions of US factory jobs.US President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order Saturday.In addition to the visit to the Ames tool factory, which has been manufacturing shovels since 1774, the president will hold one of his signature campaign rallies in Harrisburg to cap the occasion.

He also said he would begin renegotiating a free trade deal with South Korea, with which the US has a significant trade deficit.The president is expected to sign an executive order Saturday that will direct his Commerce Department and the US Trade Representative to perform a comprehensive study of the nation's trade agreements to determine whether America is being treated fairly by its trading partners and the 164-nation World Trade Organization."There isn't a day that goes by that the president doesn't discuss some aspect of trade," Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said at the White House Friday.Ross said Friday that the WTO is too narrowly focused on limiting traditional tariffs - taxes on imports - and does little to counter less conventional barriers to trade or to police violations of intellectual property rights. Ross said dissatisfaction with trade policy is one reason voters turned to Trump.

They're fed up with having their jobs go offshore. "So in effect, the country said in this last election: It's about time to fix these things.The last week has been a frenzy of activity at the White House as Trump and his team have tried to rack up accomplishments and make good on campaign promises before reaching the symbolic 100-day mark.It's a jarring disconnect from Trump's rhetoric during the campaign, when he railed against his predecessor's use of the tool, which has the benefit of not needing congressional sign-off.The administration is also imposing duties on Canadian softwood timber and is investigating whether steel and aluminum imports pose a threat to national security.

Robert Lighthizer, a trade lawyer Trump has # nominated to be his trade representative, has criticized the 2001 decision to let China into the WTO.It's one of two executive orders the president will sign at a shovel factory in Pennsylvania's Cumberland Country, the kind of place that propelled his surprise victory.The more significant of the two orders will give the Commerce Department and the US Trade Representative 180 days to identify violations and abuses under the country's trade agreements and recommend solutions."Trump, who campaigned on a vow to crack down on China and other trading partners, has announced several other moves on trade in recent weeks

I want people to come and have a good time in my films

I want people to come and have a good time in my films. He is still asked to recite his dialogue from Welcome wherever he goes. The trick of getting actors to agree to do multi-starrers is to ensure their roles do not get cut on the screen. Anees Bazmee Anees Bazmee’s Pagalpanti has his two favourites Anil Kapoor and John Abraham along with Ileana D’Cruz, Arshad Warsi, Pulkit Samrat, and Kriti Kharbanda. Bas aise hi hanste khelte film complete ho jayegi. Character actor Mushtaq Sheikh had just two scenes in Welcome.”The shooting of Pagalpanti will go on for 90 days in England.“The weather is fine in London and all the actors are looking forward to shooting.”So what should we expect from Pagalpanti?

Exactly what the title suggests. I am not here to change society. Rather, I increase it if possible. I firmly believe that if the actors have fun while shooting, the audience will enjoy the film,” signs off Anees Bazmee. Complete madness. Actors know if Anees is offering them a role in a multi-starrer, he won’t give anyone a raw deal. I never reduce an actor’s role from the script to screen. The way things are these days, the common man has forgotten to smile..The shooting of Pagalpanti will go on for 90 days in England. It isn’t easy to put together a big cast in this day and age when every actor is doing multiple films but then, I have a reputation. If I can make people happy for two years (or hours), I am happy.Speaking from London, China Order made Aluminum ladder suppliers Anees says, “I can understand why multi-starrers are no longer made

The Grande Tsingy is not for the faint hearted

The Grande Tsingy is not for the faint-hearted. “Fantastic, just fantastic!” Paul exclaimed.2) Most adventure trips involve miles of trekking. It is imperative here to inform that most flights are delayed, even cancelled without notice, making the chances of sticking to the programme highly improbable. This magical world, we realised, was carved into the rocks that existed below the seabed at one time, and rose like an invisible empire that was visible only from its summit. It was with the help of these cables that climbers felt safe. The exhilarating feeling they experience after the completion of their goal is addictive, provides them with a sense of victory and achievement while creating an urge to get bolder, faster and more invincible. The guides are local ‘Sakalava’ tribesmen who are experts at climbing and all have done their safety courses.

The groundwater had undercut the elevated karstic plateaus to punch out fissures and caverns into the limestone. Fortunately for us, it did take off on schedule. It costs about Rs 60,000 per person for a return ticket. Standing on the platform of the Grand Tsingy, panting, we were seized by emotion as we witnessed the most spectacular sight of our lives. The starkness of these fossilised rocks that appear like needles. After what felt like eternity- taking slow steps, placing each foot solidly in front, steadying our bodies everytime the bridge swung, we landed safely on the opposite side. Fitness is mandatory as it is a high level trek which is impossible to discontinue in between.  Starting from Morondova, a town 150 kilometres south of the Tsingy de Bemaraha, after an early breakfast, we were driven for 10 hours in a dilapidated SUV through muddy roads with potholes the size elephants could fit in. The dramatic forests of limestone needles enveloped us from all sides, deceptively tantalising and petrifying us, in equal measure. 4) Do ensure that you study the culture of the places you visit and respect them. A day’s halt at a hotel near the airport was necessary as there were only two flights a week to Morondova, via Air Madagascar.

The three kilometre climb took about four hours to ascend. We started our trek by going into the forest and downwards to reach groups of large fossilized rocks. The sudden release of adrenaline is called an ‘adrenaline rush’.  It all began when we decided to go to Madagascar to experience its rich diversity of flora and fauna.Reaching the summit past noon enabled us to witness the panoramic view of the famed forests of limestone needles, it’s pinnacles towering 150 feet from the base. It was worth every bit of effort and money spent.  ‘Tsingy’ in Malagasy means walking on tip toes because the rocks are sharp to touch and cannot be walked upon barefoot. Ensure that your fitness levels are up to the mark. After numerous email exchanges, a tailor-made programme was crafted for just the two of us. Yashoda and PaulOur dates settled, we flew from Bengaluru to Mauritius, via Air Mauritius, and by the same airline from Mauritius to Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar.  We’d like to add words of caution here:1) Not all adventures have to end on a happy note.The bridge swayed dangerously, creaking with every step, as our guide crossed over. Our heart-rates accelerated, despite having withstood the pressure of a four-hour ascent to reach this magnificent spot. From Morondova to the Tsingy alone and back should set one back by roughly Rs 70,000 per head. Yet, this is where the lemurs leap from pinnacle to pinnacle with deadly precision and technique to prevent them from getting cut by the rocks. This was a point of no return and the only exit from the summit. The next step was finding a reliable tour operator as public transport is tardy and not recommended. We couldn’t help thinking that a fall meant not only certain crucifixion, but also non-retrieval of the body. We traversed numerous rock crevices and narrow gullies along the way going vertically upwards for about 80 metres.

The tether of our safety harness clipped to the cables, we began our climb. Anything can go wrong. This national park is home to many endemic, endangered species like lemurs, birds, bats, reptiles, rodents and butterflies among others. We retired for the night at Bekopaka to begin the climb next morning.  The Grand Tsingy is accessible only to people who are slim enough to squeeze through tightly placed rocks and wriggle under low-roofed caves. From sky diving, bungee jumping, zip lining, walking on transparent floors hundreds of metres above the ground, diving, mountaineering, spelunking, camping, every activity is fraught with excitement and adventure to push the limits of daredevilry.Smoking, urinating and pointing at things is forbidden. After this, everything else remained a blur over the next few days!A lemur peaks from his vantage pointWhat is it that causes an attraction to challenges and danger in some, making them crave adventure all the time, while instilling extreme fear in others? What makes people decide whether they wish to walk on the edge or stay in a risk-free, safer zone? The answer is one word, ‘Adrenaline’.  The Tsingy is considered a sacred site by its Sakalava people who inter their dead in the caves below. After sizing us up, our guide granted us permission to continue with our adventure. Wear proper shoes. Our adventure was far from over we realised, when after a 20 minute rest, our tethers were clipped onto the cable lining a wobbly bridge suspended above the needle shaped, serrated rocks to get us to the other side. We found Gary, an affable American running his tours from his resort-cum-office in Morondova. You may or may not return.

The choices available are innumerous. Our feet began to sweat. Pegs and rope ladders were drilled into the rocks aside it. The bottom made with bamboo, it was attached by thick ropes placed wide apart to display huge gaps in between, effective enough to cause vertigo. And when you reach the top, you are left in tears at the sheer beauty of madagascar’s adventure trail. Adrenaline, is a hormone released from the adrenal glands into the bloodstream, during ‘Fight’ ‘Freeze’ ‘Flight’ moments when nerves to the gland are activated.. Tears welled up. The best time to travel is from June to October. Our mouths dried up. A fall would have guaranteed impalement, nothing else. We collapsed onto the platform not trusting our legs to prop us up any longer. By signing the release form prior to an adventure, do know that it’s not just a formality. We were momentarily speechless. This seemed like a normal trek till about five hundred metres later, where as we entered caves we were forced to crouch low crawling on our bellies, then squeeze through tiny passages and jump across wide ravines between rocks plateaus to exit to the outside at the base.  This grandiose natural formation was fashioned 200 million years ago, by the play of the ocean when Madagascar drifted apart from Gondwana. There was nothing we could do but hold our breath and pray that the bridge didn’t give way, because the view from atop was terrifying. Over the next eight hours, we crossed two crocodile-infested rivers — the Tsiribihina and Manambolo (with our SUV on a raft), before reaching Bekopaka, a tiny village, the meeting point with our guide. Or you may end up like Michael Schumacher, Formula One racing legend, who has been in a coma since his skiing accident. We passed the majestic ‘Avenue of Baobabs’ two hours later and halted to click some photographs. This was where the suspended aerial steel cables, the ‘via ferreta’ began, running along the exterior face of the clif. Do let family members and friends know where you are so that they can alert authorities if you go missing. The aircraft is an unreliable, small 10-seater plane and the airfare is frightfully expensive. Carry sufficient water, fruits/dry fruits and your phone/camera in a backpack. A sign posted said ‘One person at a time’. The downhill path was relatively easier. We were fitted with a harness.3) Do hire a certified adventure company by doing sufficient research. The roads to the Grand Tsingy are unnavigable for six months during the rainy season (November-May). This unexpected diversion in plans could cost the tourists about Rs 8,400 extra per person, if the tour operator refuses to foot the bill. It was a vision straight out of a fairy tale. It is the pursuit of this rush that makes adventurous people throw all caution to the wind and embark on a trail not meant for the faint hearted. We sat on the platform erected on top, to re-energize ourselves and take in the magnificence, of a wondrous testimony to nature’s ability to create a masterpiece that can never be replicated by man.

The total trip spanning 17 days included all resort and national park stays, food, a four-wheel drive with driver, tour guide, and all entry and passage fees to our selected destinations. No picture we had seen had prepared us for this reality.  Standing on the ground, except for deciduous forest, nothing was visible. Instead carry them back with you. Like everything we had lived minutes ago had only been a delusion. This journey had taken months of planning and days of arduous travel. The park entry fee was `700 per person plus guide fees (`1,400 each) and travel charges to the entrance of the park (`8,400 each). We arrived at Morondova, where we stayed the night in the resort, along the black Mozambique channel that separated it from Madagascar.

The dramatic forests of limestone needles enveloped us from all sides, deceptively tantalising and petrifying us, in equal measure. It comprises two geological formations: The Grand Tsingy and the easily approachable Petite Tsingy. Be responsible not to litter or discard plastic or cans. Yashoda and Paul walk across the creaky bridge. It is their haven from being hunted to extinction since no man can access this terrain. Return tickets cost about `45,000 per person.Tsingy de Bemaraha is a Unesco World Heritage site, spread over 375,600 acres. We reached ground level in a daze and looked up again to see nothing but few limestone rocks and the forest. Our research unearthed many tourist spots, but the Tsingy de Bemaraha attracted us not only for its difficulty to access, but also the adventure it offered. 5) Try travelling with a buddy. It still wasn’t ready for a 4X4, so we were taken on motorbikes, at the break of dawn, through dirt roads, an arduous two hour ride over uneven land sprouting with thorny shrubs, and across many water bodies to reach the China Aluminum extrusions profile starting point of our climb. It was further patterned vertically and horizontally by local erosion to form clusters of finely pointed towers

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